Choose Pet Sitting That’s Right For You


Our flat-rate plans are designed to cater to cats of all kinds.



$31.95 per Visit
  • 30-Minute Visit - Most Popular!
  • Everything in Basic, plus:
  • More play and snuggle time
  • More adorable kitty photos
  • Additional time to accommodate complex care routines and medication administration
  • Plants watered (upon request)
  • Great for playful and active cats who enjoy attention


$46.95 per Visit
  • One-Hour Visit
  • Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Extra 30 minutes for sitters to care for and pamper up to five feline family members
  • Lots of love, playing, attention, lap time, and hanging out
  • This service is for cats who are used to having people around. If you're home often, your cat/s will appreciate this service. We get a chance to really bond with your cat/s and provide companionship for an hour per day.


$26.95 per Visit
  • 15 -Minute Visit
  • Daily visit reports via text & email with GPS timestamp
  • Food/water station clean & refreshed
  • Box scooped and waste removed from home
  • Pictures of your cat, food/water station, litter box area
  • One-on-one attention, pets and playtime
  • Mail & package collection
  • This service IS NOT AVAILABLE for 3+ cats OR cats requiring medication

Basic Visit

15 minutes · $26.95

Our Basic Visit is a 15-minute appointment providing essential care for your feline family members while you are away:
Food/Water station clean & refreshed,  box scooped and the waste removed from the home, lots of love and affection & playtime,  photos, mail/package collection, daily visit reports via text & email with GPS timestamp
Please Note: NOT AVAILABLE for 3+ cats OR cats requiring medication. We'll need more time to provide quality care, and our Standard or Plus Visits will fit your needs purr-fectly!

Standard Visit
30 minutes · $31.95

Our Standard Visit is a 30-minute appointment - our most popular! Thirty minutes is just perfect for most of our clients.
The Standard Visit includes the essential care in our Basic Visit, plus more one-on-one time and services for multiple-cat households or cats with medication needs. We also find that shy or anxious cats will venture out during longer visits, and social and active kitties enjoy the extra play and petting time!
Everything in the Basic Visit, plus: More play & snuggle time, brushing, medication/supplements administered, additional photos, plants watered (upon request).


Plus Visit
1 hour · $46.95

Our Plus Visit is a one-hour visit and includes everything in Basic and Standard Visits with an extra 30 minutes for sitters to care for and pamper your feline family members.
If you have a full household of up to five cats, have a medically fragile cat, or just want the peace of mind of knowing your kitty crew has company for an hour each day, this visit is for you!



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You can start and stop your appointment whenever you want. Once service is started, we do once a day visits.