A Little about Me

My Company

I started a pet sitting company in 2007, At Home Pet Services.  We took care of all pets and loved it.

Over time I noticed a few things.

It's true, there are dog people and cat people.  I don't mean dog people can't love cats, most do. Just some sitters were more tuned into cat behavior and some connected more with dogs.  Unintentionally, we gravitated toward cats.  Most of our clients were cat parents.  The sitters the were the best dog walkers weren't necessarily the best cat sitters, and the best cat sitters were usually not the best dog walkers.  Most pet sitting companies operate like we did, the sitters care for the pets in their area, both dogs and cats.  I see cat care and dog care as two very different jobs.  So, instead of doing a good job of taking care of all pets, I decided to go with my passion and focus on cats.  It was a difficult decision, but the right one...for me and my company.  Music City Cats was born 🙂


I have had cats and dogs all my life.  I grew up in Tullahoma, went to college at UT, and have lived in Nashville since 2002.  I have 3 cats. All rescues.  I have a cat client who lives behind Ellington Park.  She loves cats and would leave food out for a feral cat.  The cat started to come by every night.  Spring came and she had a couple of kittens.  After they were weaned she brought them with her.  They were truly feral, but I adopted them anyway.  It took a while and lots of patients, but they adapted.  They are 4 years old now and couldn't be happier!  I recently adopted a semi-feral kitten from the Cat Shoppe.  He was nine months old.  His parents were probably domesticated cats.  He had been hanging out around the restaurants in Hillsboro Village until he was brought to the Cat Shoppe.  I instantly fell for him.  He was very shy and not very trusting at first, but he quickly warmed up to us.  His name is Belcourt and doing great  🙂