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Music City Cats

Nashville's only pet sitting company for Cats Only!

Why Cats Only?

Cats are unique and deserve a service dedicated to their specific needs. We know cats.  

We have the best cat people!

 Our staff can focus on cats. We know what they like, what they don't, how to approach, and how to make friends with the shy ones 🙂   We have experience administering meds, including Sub Q fluids

Free Stuff

Gifts for Our New Clients

At the Meet & Greet we bring:

Peacock Feather

Litter Locker

Lock Box

Our Service

Cat care all day, everyday

We provide cat-centric love and care

Administer Medication

Accident Clean up

Food Station and Litter box sweep up

Water Plants

House: mail, paper, trash take out

Our App

You can do everything through our app: View Conversation History, upcoming visits, update your profile and your cats, View visit reports, Add, change or cancel a visit. 

Conversation Feed

You can view all correspondence history in the web Client Portal or in the app. The conversation includes all texts, emails, replies through the web portal or the app

Visit Updates

You are updated after every walk via text, email, plus an app notification.  Replying to any form goes directly to the sitter and the manager.  It will also be automatically be added to the conversation feed


You can schedule a new walk, modify an existing walk, or cancel a walk through the web portal or in the app.

Our team

Our employees do one thing...take care of cats.  We believe in the saying "Cat People & Dog People"  we have nothing against dogs, we think they are great, but we are Cat People 🙂  

kevin cat in background




Cat Specialist


Cat Specialist


Cat Specialist


Cat Specialist

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