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Are you a Cat Person?

Join Our Team of Cat Sitters!

Here at Music City Cats, we’re looking for dedicated, hard-working self-starters who have a positive CAN-DO ATTITUDE when it comes to working with us and the CATS we love. We’ll be honest with you, this is the hardest job we know you’ll ever love. Especially if you love CATS as much as we do! We are a world-class ELITE PET SITTING SERVICE. We cater ONLY TO CATS.

Think you may be the purr-fect fit for us? You may very well be, IF:

  • First, and most important. Please understand we are caring for living beings.
  • Not all clients will always book with notice. For that reason, your schedule for the week could change on a daily basis.
  • You will need a clean driving record
  • Understand that working evenings, weekends, and holidays (including Memorial Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and the days before and after) come with the job.
  • For obvious reasons, a true LOVE for cats is this job’s greatest asset. That means loving and understanding cats, and knowing how to approach them.
  • You must be able to pass a background/criminal check. Our clients will be trusting you with their cats as well as their homes.
  • You should be a responsible individual, have common sense, and can work largely unsupervised.
  • Love Cats and Understand Their Nature
  • Willing to drive in a roughly 3-5 -mile radius
  • You have a flexible schedule
  • You are a well-organized individual
  • You are able to follow detailed instruction
  • You have an insured and reliable automobile
  • You are mature & level-headed with plenty of common sense

PLEASE NOTE: Working at Music City Cats is a great way for you to earn additional income. However, ideally, it should not be your sole source of support. Cat sitting is a cyclical enterprise That means some periods are very busy, while at other times, things may be very slow. If you are retired, working part-time, or simply looking for an occasional and rewarding way to make extra money, becoming a Music City Cats sitter could become, well…the PURR-FECT job for you!

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